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PPM Tests

Microscopic tests performed by a physician, physician?s assistant, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or dentist:

  • Wet Mounts
  • KOH Preps
  • Pinworm Preps
  • Fern Tests
  • Post-Coital Qualitative Exam
  • Urine Sediment Exam
  • Nasal Smears for Granulocytes
  • Fecal WBC Examinations
  • Semen Analysis, Qualitative

Moderately Complex Tests:

  • Hematology Instruments: CBCs
  • Manual Differential/Limited ID
  • Most Chemistry Tests: Large Analyzers
  • Urine Culture/Colony Count Only
  • Gram Stain/Urethral,Cervical for GC
  • Throat Culture Screen Using Hemolysis, Bacitracin Disk, Selective Strep Agar
  • GC Culture Screen Using Gram Stain and Oxidase Test
  • Some Rapid Kits: Chlamydia, RF, etc.

Highly Complex Tests:

All remaining tests are classified as highly complex.

Courtesy, Quality America, Inc. 4/20/2007