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CPT CODES - CLIA-Waived Test List

Alcohol Saliva Test 82055QW
Amines and pH 82120QW
Amines and pH 83986QW
Aspirin resistance test 85576QW
Automated Urinalysis 81003QW
Bacterial Vaginosis 87905
Bladder Cancer Antigen 83518QW
Cholesterol 82465QW
FOB, Diagnostic 82270
FOB, Screening G0107
FOB, Immunoassay 82274QW or G0328
Gastric Occult Blood 82273QW
HIV Rapid Test 86703QW
Glucose Meters 82962
Glucose Tolerance Test, 3 Specimens 82951QW
Glucose 82947QW
Hemoglobin A1c 83036QW
Hematocrit 85014QW
Hemoglobin 85018QW
H. Pylori Rapid Test Kits 86318QW
Influenza Rapid Test Kits 87804QW
Lipid Panel 80061QW
ALT (SGPT) 84460QW
AST (SGOT) 84450QW
Lyme Disease Rapid Test Kit 86618QW
Microalbumin Immunoassay 83518QW
Mononucleosis Test Kits 86308QW
Nicotine Test 80101QW
Ovulation Test Kits 84830
Pregnancy Test Kits Urine, Qualitative 81025
Pregnancy Test Urine Instrument 84703QW
Prothrombin Time 85610QW
RSV Rapid Test Kit 87807QW
Sedimentation Rate, Non-Automated 85651
Strep Rapid Test Kits 87880QW
Trichomonas Rapid Test Kit 87899QW
TSH, qualitative 84443QW
Urine Albumin, semi-quantitative 82044QW
Urine Creatinine 82570QW
Urinary Tract Infections 81007QW
Visual Urinalysis 81002
Courtesy, Quality America, Inc. 2006