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April 2001
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April 2001 Issue

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Edition: Vol 9 Number 04

GPOs Seek A Broader Meaning Of Value
Given group purchasing's proven ability to reduce provider costs and improve efficiencies, what is its future?

Taking Stock Of Business
Leaders of the nation's top GPOs talk about their ongoing strategies and future prospects.

GPO Headliners 2001

Beyond the Hospital Walls
GPOs are tapping into the big — albeit fragmented — non-hospital market with impressive results.

Compliance Rates In The Eyes Of The Beholder
Manufacturers, distributors and their reps sound off.

Natural Fit
Seneca Medical's acquisition of AmeriSource Medical Supply seems almost organic.

HMOs' Threats Don't Carry The Weight They Used To

Hospital reimbursement dispute in California leaves insurer black and blue.

'Stuck' By Bankruptcy
Bio-Plexus makes hard choice, looks to bounce back.

McKesson's Internet Offering: Supply Management Online

Test Your Consultive Selling Skills
Answering customer questions about the new needle safety law.

The Jewelry Store Caper
It's become hard to tell what is of value and what is not.

Sage Streamlines IT Processes

The Other Side of the Desk
E-Commerce worth waiting for...

Got Turnover?
If your company is a revolving door for employees, you've got problems.

medREPS.com Delivers Healthcare Career Web Site

The Paper Chase
How to take the pinch out of paperwork.

The Impenetrable Account
How do I sell to an account that is firmly in the hands of a competitor?

Take Charge Attitude
How to sell when the customer is in control of the sale.

Triggered by a member of the herpes virus group, Mono isn't kid's stuff.

In Case Of The Unthinkable
How to make sure your family can easily take over your finances.

If The Phrase Fits…
Novation contract conjures up memories — and conjecture.

Sticky's Stupid