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March 2001
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March 2001 Issue

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Edition: Vol 9 Number 03

Todayís Long Term Care Customer
Hard times can strengthen provider/supplier relationships.

Going Where Their Customers Go
Gary Corless and Gulf South find their stride.

A strategy for improving clinical outcomes in long term care.

Golden Years?
Plan now for future long-term care needs.

Managed Care Successor?
ĎDefined contributioní plans accommodate well-informed consumers.

Economyís stall should help providersí recruiting efforts, but, dogged by labor shortages, its hospital culture that needs an overhaul.

Skilled Nursing Facilities Restrict Medicare Admissions
Feeling the weight of financial pressures.

Dukeís Up
Passion for business and life fuels Louisiana distributor.

Materials Managers Warm To Distributorís Web Site
Adopting online ordering as a regular purchasing method.

Persuasive Selling
Understanding six basic tendencies of behavior.

Back To The Future
Promedix: Gone -- and forgotten??

Our latest e-commerce survey.

Donít Be A Dinosaur
Dinosaurs became extinct because they didnít have an opposable thumb or computer skills.

IDN Harnesses Purchasing Power
Christiana uses Web-based system to aggregate capital purchases.

Transactional Analysis And You
Avoid ending up in all the wrong sorts of customer relationships.

Sales Autopsy
These are your sales from Hell!

IMDA Technology Briefs
Technology news from IMDA, the specialty sales and marketing dealers association.

Customer-Focused Management
For PSI, itís all about focus.

ABCO Updates Members, Vendors
Smaller group means bigger sales.

HMMC Spring Conference
Your most valuable asset.

Avoiding Administrivia
Moving from paperwork to productivity.

Bone Mineral Density Testing
Tests offer reliable results for early intervention with osteoporosis.

$128 Question

So Much For Conventional Wisdom
To survive, suppliers must continue to educate their customers that cost encompasses a lot more than price.

The Overconfident Salesperson
Are there similarities between overconfident investors and overconfident salespeople?