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February 2001
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February 2001 Issue

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Edition: Vol 9 Number 02

Make Needle Safety A Point
It’s never too late for physicians to initiate a program to protect staff and patients from needle and sharps injuries.

Safe Needles: Safe Bet
For some reps, safety needles are the hottest opportunity since latex gloves.

Market Slow To React To Act
Needlestick safety is the law; but in many practices, the prevailing philosophy is ‘Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.’

Infection Fighters
Having the right receptacles at the right places protects employees and patients from germs.

Don’t Take Chances
Protect yourself against needlestick injuries

Potential Costs Associated with Needlestick Injuries

New Needlestick Law Toughens Safety Measures

The HIPAA Shake
For providers, meeting the objectives of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by the 2003 deadline will take time, money and oodles of meetings.

NHX Emerges
Eschewing e-procurement, the New Health Exchange will function as a back-office utility.

To The Rescue
EMS market next for Tri-Anim.

Dot-com Morphs Into Supply Chain Tool
BuyMedical.com is reincarnated as Revelocity.

Staying Power
His father once told him if he found a job he loved, he’d never have to work another day in his life. Nashville Surgical Supply’s Frank Bauman has no doubts that this is true.

Surviving & Thriving
Niche strategy works for O.E Meyers.

No More Power Elites
Strategies to keep your business ‘Online.’

Information Innundation
To maintain your effectiveness in a rapidly changing world, you need to take on new skills and processes. Make information management a priority.

What $11 Billion In Savings?
Outside of health care a new world is taking shape, and supply chain management is leading the way toward a better future for many companies. Will the promise of EHCR ever be realized?

Richmark Medical: One Stop Shop

The Grass Is Greener
Why buying is better from the competition.

Blood Cell Analysis
When disease is present in a patient, the number of cells will be too high or too low.

$128 Question
Each month, Repertoire prints the $128 Question. To the first reader who contacts us with a correct answer, we will award $128.

Battling Sinusitis
This inflammation or infection of the membrane lining of the paranasal sinuses affects 37 million Americans every year.

IRA Options
Seek good advice when choosing an IRA.

Being Number One
The words of Vince Lombardi.

Can You Pass The Elevator Test?