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December 2000
Current Issue

December 2000 Issue

Magazine Cover

Edition: Vol 8 Number 12

Year In Review
Great expectations went largely unfulfilled -- thankfully.

Making Headlines
All the news that was fit to print.

Readers weigh in on the year’s top stories.

Top 10 Products
The most interesting items from the previous 12 months, as determined by your reader service inquiries in Repertoire’s New Products section.

Feet On The Street
PSS’ automated e-procurement package prepares the company for a future in which as much as 80% of its services will be conducted over the Internet.

PSS Regroups
The company’s future strategy will rest with PSS employees.

Sibling Success
Detroit’s Foley Brothers discover success in working together.

Embion Finds A Home
Embion will assume a new identity as EncounterSelect, a subsidiary of Encounter Care.

Shoring Up The Show
HIDA, exhibitors meet to strategize 2001 show.

GPOs: More Than Just Low Prices
GPOs, like everyone else in the chain, have an opportunity to increase their value by helping their members become more efficient.

Contract Mazes Unraveled

Web Site Links Distributors, Manufacturers

Grow Or Die
Formula for Labsco’s success is simple.

Three Faces of LABSCO
Repertoire talks with three very different LABSCO reps at the company's recent national sales meeting.

Kern Surgical Supply

The Customer Experience
Enhancing the purchase experience for your clients differentiates you from the competition.

Your Financial Future
Financial planning is especially important for women.

A Lot To Learn In 2000 And Beyond
The importance of education may be the biggest story of the year.

Funiculi, Funicula