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November 2000
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November 2000 Issue

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Edition: Vol 8 Number 11

Analog Versus Digital
Technology is changing the face of our industry, and new innovations are ever on the horizon.

Out With The Old, In With The New
Out With The Old, In With The New

Pat Kelly Take-Aways
Key leader’s departure marks the end of an era at PSS.

Getting To Know You
Allegiance, Bergen strategy begins to unfold.

AmeriNet By The Numbers
Fiscal year sees new initiatives and solid growth for GPO.

Be A Reimbursement Resource
The more you know about reimbursement, the more valuable you are to your customers and your companies.

Dynamite Distribution Channel Strategies
Companies must analyze market trends and be prepared to adapt quickly to new market requirements.

Dot-Coms Move To The Rear
So-called ‘back-end’ services move to the fore as dot-coms jockey for position in an already crowded field.

Charitable Giving
How to give more for less.

Survey Says…
E-business think tank turns its attentions to issue of employee retention.

Blueprint for An Efficient Health Care Supply Chain
Blueprint for An Efficient Health Care Supply Chain

The HIPAA Challenge
Implementation of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 could cost as much as four times the money as was spent on technological upgrades associated with Y2K. Surely, the mettle of providers and suppliers alike will by tested. But how will HIPAA play out?

Physicians’ Office World Class Sales Survey
Bergen Tops Chally List As Best National Company

Connecting By Phone

To Sell Is To Care

Gem Medical Shines
Distributor’s goal is to keep physicians educated.

Turning Browsers Into Buyers
There are right and wrong ways to expedite the sale.

I-Many Things To Many People
I-Many Things To Many People

AECG/Holter Monitoring
By recording the heart continuously for a long time, Holter monitors observe rare events and correlate symptoms with heart rhythm disturbances.

IMDA Technology Briefs
Technology news from IMDA, the specialty sales and marketing dealers association.

$128 Question
Each month, Repertoire prints the $128 Question. To the first reader who contacts us with a correct answer, we will award $128.

Helicobacter pylori
Stress and diet may irritate a stomach ulcer – but they cause one.

A Legacy That Will Live On
Pat Kelly’s vision is a formula now copied by companies throughout our industry.

The Quotable Pat Kelly