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February 1998
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February 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 02

Managed Care Woes
Billions of dollars of inefficiencies have been squeezed from the system. So what's the problem?

But My MCO Won't Cover It...
Even in today's managed care environment, there are strategies reps can use to help doctors get reimbursement and/or permission from their HMO or managed care health care plan for using their products or services.

What's in Store on Capitol Hill
More may happen in Washington this year than people thought possible.

Gentlemen, Start Your Modems
Technology is reshaping the landscape of business.

PSS and Gulf South: A Tale of Two Cultures

Nursing Power, Web Power Among Conference Topics
Hospital administrators who want their nurses back, the Web, and GPO changes holding implications for manufacturers were all hot-button issues at the recent HMMC conference offering attendees the opportunity to look inside their industry and themselves.