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March 1998
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March 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 03

Quest Medical Supply's Newest Delivery to Extended Care: Technology Solutions
Utilizing a 'point-of-use inventory management system' called OmniCell, Quest Medical Supply customers are finding they are able to better organize and streamline their inventories. In an era when companies have been forced to toe the line on issues like pricing, delivery and other value-added services, Quest is gaining a competitive edge

From Patient to Producer
Automation is almost a no-brainer to create supply chain efficiencies. And while electronic information exchange with vendors is fairly limited at the moment, some say it will blossom. This vision of automation tantalizes many, but today's reality is a little bumpier, a bit less uniform, a lot more meandering. Still, there are bright spots that point in the direction of the future.

Distributors Caught in the Middle of Latex Debate
A year ago, we examined latex sensitivity and discussed several of the related issues that affected the market for latex products and, in particular, latex gloves. Since then, latex issues have received more focus but continue to confuse many in the industry. In this issue, we'll update the latest regulatory changes and proposals as well as what has happened in the market for both suppliers and users of latex products. Plus, we'll report on the growth of non-latex alternatives and how they are perceived and received in today's turbulent marketplace.

Outpatient Payment Reforms are Right Around the Corner
Without independent evaluation of the system being designed by HCFA, we could all be in for a very bad ending.

What Does 'Sell Smarter' Mean?
Tough times require new solutions. Field salespeople and their managers cannot rely just on pep-rallies, hustle and gimmicks to offset a zero-growth economy in which competitive capacity and ambition keeps growing. We might better define what 'selling better' is and pursue it.

In Today's Market, Successful Selling Means Consultative Selling
Today's healthcare environment holds tremendous opportunity for those reps willing to break with the status quo and equip themselves with knowledge geared towards their customers' needs.

Infection control is a top priority in healthcare. And as more procedures are pushed from the hospital setting to alternate sites, it is important for healthcare workers staffing these sites to understand proper sterilization techniques -- and the difficult choices that come with selecting sterilization equipment and procedures.