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April 1998
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April 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 04

Drug Wholesaler Mergers: FTC's Action Expected To Slow, But Not Stop, Mergers
The feds have gotten testy, and distributors are fighting back. But what does all this mean for the feeding frenzy that is health care distribution? How about bon appetit?

Food Chain Of Events: A Timeline

The Players

Optimal Efficiency: Winning At The Inventory Game
A company called Optimal is providing solutions to supply chain problems by operating under a simple premise: One man's meat is another man's poison.

Activity Based Costing: Executive Summary Call To Action
Activity Based Costing is a common sense approach to strategic cost management. Now, the time is right for you and your company to make ABC a high priority

Both Distributor And Customer Win With Vendor-Managed Inventory
A system designed to lower the customer's costs of handling and managing inventory, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has been implemented in a number of industries. Savvy suppliers have identified cost containment programs as value-added services they bring to the bargaining table with customers, particularly in highly competitive arenas. Using VMI, Schein Pharmaceuticals provides an example of how suppliers can help their customers while reaping tangible and strategic rewards of their own.

Medicare May Insist On Bar Codes
Bar codes. They're on the M&M packages your kids buy at the store, but they're not on all the medical products you sell to health care providers. Now, the country's biggest buyer of health care -- Medicare -- is considering putting its foot down. And it's about time.

An Interview With Lou Buther
Schein Bets On 'Double-Barreled' Approach To Alternate Site Market

New Awards To Recognize Sales Success

Executive Conference A Resounding Success
The focus was on focus at the 1998 Executive Conference, March 4-7, in Amelia Island, Florida.

Surviving And Thriving
Today's sales people need a broader range of skills than twenty years ago. That's why Repertoire has teamed up with Anita Sirianni to produce a new monthly feature, "Full Court Press: Xs and Os for Sales Professionals." Each month, topflight sales trainer and motivator Sirianni will provide instruction, education and workshops geared toward improving every rep's sales skills.

When the electrical impulse of the heart that produces a normal rhythmic heartbeat goes haywire, Sudden Cardiac Arrest results and death can occur in a matter of minutes. New technology has opened up the market for defibrillators and the opportunity to sell the physician"s office has never been better

Welcome To The Meeting Place
While the medical distribution community shares a common purpose, tensions exist between individual players. But there can be respect and trust among supply chain partners. Dialogue is the key.