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May 1998
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May 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 05

Repertoire's Sales Representatives Of The Month: May 1998

HMOs To Be Graded On Results
The National Committee for Quality Assurance has released accreditation standards for HMOs and other health plans which expand the scope of the nation's leading health care accreditation program to emphasize results across a range of important care and service dimensions.

Compliance: Has It Gone Too Far...Or Not Far Enough?
Groups swear by compliance. Some suppliers swear by it too--while others swear at it. Either way, IDNs are sitting in the catbird's seat.

The Sealants Are Coming! The Sealants Are Coming!
Although it may be an exaggeration to say that the suture is hanging on by a thread, the fact is, it's definitely in a sticky situation.

Nursing Homes Get Smart
New regs put pressure on long term care administrators and their suppliers to hone their business skills.

Allegiance Looks Ahead
An Interview With Jordan Luhrafter holding positions at Electro-Nucleonics Inc. and Georgetown University Medical School.

Win Victory With Value And Push Past Price!
Dramatic changes in health care are driving buyers to demonstrate more for their money. Therefore, sales people must turn up the volume on their ability to sell beyond price.

Run, Forrest, Run!
Change is good -- especially if one is prepared for it. The lessons we can learn from a fictional hero are good ones