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August 1998
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August 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 08

There's a lot of talk about it, but how many IDNs really want to become distributors?

What Does A Distributor Do?

Significant Nursing Home Changes Delayed Due To Y2K
Question: Will the Year 2000 problem replace El Nino as the explanation for many of the nation's ills?

Sales Reps Of The Month: August 1998

Tyco Builds An Empire
With sales into medical markets fast approaching $5 billion, Tyco is well on its way to becoming the world's largest manufacturer of disposable products for the acute care and alternate site markets.

The GPO Balancing Act
To meet the needs of member hospitals while delivering coveted market share to suppliers, GPOs must perform a real high wire act.

ABC Group Ready For Phase Two Of EHCR Project
Although it's been a long, hard road, ABC theory is giving way to practice. Implementation of pilot projects is now beginning. Here's a progress report from this work in progress.

No Stranger To Success, Fun
Young reps learned the ropes (and to how to take a joke) from Dave Swanson, Sr., who retires from Bergen Brunswig later this month.

HIDA/98: It's Show Time
HIDA/98 Annual Trade Show & Education Forum

HIDA/98 Sponsors Provide Critical Support

HIDA Chairman Sasen Reflects On Year Of Change

Computer Training Lab To Teach HIDA H.E.L.P.™

HIDA H.E.L.P. Is Here

Product Training Session Offerings Expanded

EHCR™ Forum Keynoters Focus On Partnerships In The Supply Chain

The Right Stuff: Big Guys Try Out Reps: HIRA Meeting
Major manufacturers are showing a growing confidence that independent reps can get the job done right.

Crushing The Curve: What It Takes To Be A Top Performer
It's been said that successful people are the ones who do the things that people who fail refuse to do. What can you do to improve your results and income? Here are some suggestions.

PC Diagnostic Systems

A Little Bit At A Time
As the Clinton administration spoon feeds us its new a health plan, get ready for a bad case of indigestion.

The 'Con' In Confidence