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September 1998
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September 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 09

Reps, Internet Need Each Other
While suppliers big and small alike tout the benefits of electronic commerce, no one's yet talking about the Net displacing the traditional role of the sales rep.

'Net Stats

IMCO Offers Members An Expressway To The Net

Abco, Starline Form Holding Company; CIDA Brought Onboard
Newly incorporated National Distribution & Contracting Inc. is now the holding company/shared services provider for Abco and Starline.

Kitzmiller Makes Change
Don Kitzmiller is sales. Now he's taken 28 years of sales experience to the H.R. Chally Group.

Nine Most Common Hiring Mistakes

When Manufacturers Merge
Distributors learn to live with manufacturer consolidation, but they don't always like it.

Vendor Perspectives On Compliance
Balancing compliance with flexibility is the only way GPOs can satisfy both their members and their vendors.

Close The Loop On Sales, Marketing And Service
Successful organizations will use technology to help sales, marketing and service teams sing from the same hymnal. Customers will notice the difference.

The Role Of The Small Distributor

Meeting Report: HIDA/98
Award winners and reports on all the action at HIDA/98.

Wheelers 'Strike' Again...
Dealers bowled over in loss at HIDA/98.

Selling Vanilla: Differences Offer Sales Distinctions
As a sales professional, it's your job to help buyers see the importance and value behind the advantages of your product by showing them the flavor.

Ten Commandments For Losers: How To Become A Winner
Being a loser requires just as much effort as being a winner. You must work at it as hard as the person who wants to be number one. Are you a winner -- or a loser? Just like winners, losers develop a pattern of 'success.' Here are the guidelines -- The "Loser's" Ten Commandments.

It's A Relationship Business
Relationships play -- and will continue to play -- a key role in the way our industry conducts business

Inpatient Care. Outpatient Care. I Don't Care.