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October 1998
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October 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 10

Set-Up Business Stays Strong
The set-up remains the key to valuable long-term relationships, but suppliers have to adapt to new market conditions.

Jim Lynch's Office Set-Ups
Family Practice/General Practice

Jim Lynch's Office Set-Ups

Jim Lynch's Office Set-Ups

Jim Lynch's Office Set-Ups
Internal Medicine

Jim Lynch's Office Set-Ups
Plastic Surgery

Jim Lynch's Office Set-Ups

Elliot Werber: Prince of 'Relationship-Selling'
Members of our industry reflect on the untimely passing of BBMC's Elliot Werber, a man known for building relationships.

With PPMs Down, Time's Right For A Physician GPO
Integrated Purchasing Corporation is helping physician's by contracting on their behalf. And the timing couldn't be better.

UPS Subsidiary Focuses On Demand At Customer Level
According to the head of the newly formed UPS Worldwide Logistics HealthCare Group, it's all about data

One Year Later: Paul Julian, President, McKesson General Medical
Julian reflects on changes at McKesson since we last we spoke with him one year ago, and looks to the future.

Business Strategy Should Drive Technology Decisions
Technology for technology's sake is bad business. But no technology at all may be worse.

It's Not Just Internet

Fundamental Change Calls For Fundamental Changes
Short-term, feel-good programs just won't cut it. You've got to look at processes.

Talking Trash On 'Feature Dumping'
Throw away that laundry list of product features. Instead, try clarifying how your products meet the customer's needs, wants and expectations.

Getting Past The Myths
Dispose of selling myths and break through your selling barriers.

Taking 'Partnership' To The Next Level
How close is too close? BJC Health System and Allegiance Healthcare are about to find out.