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December 1998
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December 1998 Issue

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Edition: Vol 6 Number 12

Celebrating Five Years Of Communicating Tomorrow's Information Today
Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our first five years and a look at what's ahead.

Wall Street's Darlings Hit The Skids
Great beginnings lead to humble ends for many physician practice management companies.

Will Armchair Purchasing Create A New Health Care Marketplace?
Providers of online services believe they will level the field for all medical product vendors. They're also betting that the data their systems generate will be worth as much as the products they sell.

PSS Bets New Alliance Will Nudge Physicians Onto The Web
Distributor thinks WebMD partnership might be just the thing to get its physician customers on-line.

Partisan Wrangling Will Likely Stall Meaningful Healthcare Legislation
The 105th Congress accomplished little -- and the 106th will likely follow suit.

You Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard
During Repertoire's first five years of publishing, the industry has been completely transformed by mergers and acquisitions.

Beckman Coulter Strives To Be One-Stop Shop
Beckman Coulter Primary Care Diagnostics is company on a mission: Offer Abbott Diagnostics some stiff competition.

Latex Marketplace Remains Turbulent
The market is huge, the stakes high, and the competition intense.

Bergen Update: An Interview With Bill Elliott
Company remains dedicated to one-stop shop and steady growth, even if no mega-mergers are forthcoming.

Time: Your Most Precious Commodity

Operation Marketshare: One BBMC Comes Through At Regional Meetings

Hard Facts On Making It Easier To Buy
Sometimes higher sales and increased productivity means getting out of the way!

Don't Let 'Fuzzwords' Fake You Out
When cool-sounding words take the place of hard truths, watch out!

Threat Or Freedom?
E-commerce has landed. But don't confuse the sizzle with the steak.

In Your Dreams?