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February 1999
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February 1999 Issue

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Edition: Vol 7 Number 02

Is The Sky Really Falling?
We won't know for sure until the clock strikes midnight.

'Complete Orders Tomorrow'
Start-up company has needle-thin focus: Getting end users all the sutures they need. Fast!

What Books Don't Tell You About Strategic Alliances
Entering a strategic alliance with another company has a profound impact on sales and marketing strategies. Words to the wise: Be prepared

The Tie That Binds
Some manufacturers exploit the potential of the Internet to strengthen -- not sever -- their ties with distributors and manufacturers' reps.

How To Succeed In IDN Selling
Organization, education and information can spell success in this changing market.

Sales Reps of the Quarter

Consorta Taking Shape: An Interview With John Strong
With group purchasing being such a crowded field, is there really room for one more? It appears so.

Does Sales Training Really Work?
It's easy to be motivated and enthusiastic in the training room. The real world is another story.

Diabetes Testing
Proper diabetes management begins with careful patient monitoring. But no one test can do it all.

'No More Questions!'
It turns out there IS such a thing as a dumb question after all. Ask your customers.

The More Things Change
Market change spells opportunities for salespeople -- not the end. The same is true at Repertoire.

Consolidation Breakdown???