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March 1999
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March 1999 Issue

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Edition: Vol 7 Number 03

Free Market? Or Something Else?
GPOs stand accused of locking out new technology. Yes? No? If so, is it simply marketplacedynamics, or anticompetitive behavior?

BD Defends Safety Record
Detractors have called the company lazy, but after spending $100 billion on research and development, Becton Dickinson says it's the market that's lagged behind.

Death Of A Salesman? Hardly.
Survey shows customers attach as much value to the quality of their sales reps as they do to the products those reps sell.

An Albuquerque Connection
A unique on-site service arrangement makes logistical sense (and saves dollars) for one New Mexico medical center.

The Web As Patient Satisfaction Tool
Patient satisfaction is the ultimate goal of this developer of computer-based patient education materials.

Keep Your Eyes On The Sales Deviates
How can we filter out the "noise" and focus on just the stuff that really affects our sales? Turns out a statistical concept called "standard deviation" can help. Wait! Don't turn the page!

They're Not For Everybody: Allegiance And The Non-Hospital Market
An interview with Allegiance vice president Larry Rohrer, who heads up the company's new Care Continuum initiative.

To The Efficient Go The Spoils
A recent seminar reinforces the idea that if manufacturers, distributors and customers work together to drive cost out of the system, everyone wins.

Sending The Wrong Messages
Eighteen ways to brand a business...badly.

In Support Of Free Markets
Do GPOs lock small manufacturers out of the market? We believe the system is working.

Who Has The Corner On Innovation?