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April 1999
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April 1999 Issue

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Edition: Vol 7 Number 04

The Internet And/Or You
It's not an either/or situation, say Repertoire readers. Most survey respondents believe that electronic commerce will enhance the rep-to-customer relationship, not destroy it.

The Other Side Of The Story
GPOs respond to pot shots in Dail-E-News survey

GPO Contracts Don't Have Wings
You've got to work to make them work.

Cosmic Convergence
Parties may no longer be on separate planets when it comes to passing a patients' bill of rights.

Sorting Through The Change
It is generally agreed that the allergy is caused by some of the proteins found in natural rubber latex. However, there is still no consensus as to which proteins are allergenic

Educational Video Addresses Latex Allergy Problem In Workplace

The Fear Of Hoarding
As the millennial finish line draws nearer, inquiring minds want to know, "Will hospitals and other providers begin to stockpile supplies?" And if they do, how are distributors and manufacturers going to meet the demand?

How Low Can You Go?
Being the low-cost distributor doesn't have to cost millions.

Fisher Explores Non-Hospital Market
Fisher HealthCare President Dan Eckert looks forward to expanding company's offerings to IDNs and physician office lab.

New Account Execs To Pull Together Cardinal's Expanded Offering
Allegiance veteran John Hatcher to head up new selling team.

Big for Big's Sake Doesn't Work
Bigness does appear to be better these days. But make sure you're getting big for a reason.

How To Get Warm And Fuzzy From Cold Calling
The heat of cold calling can turn the best sales people frigid. But a little creativity can make sales sizzle.

Bone Mineral Density Testing
Test results signal need for treatment, not acceptance of fate.

Osteoporosis: The Statistics

Lions, Tigers And Bears
It's time to start looking past the marketplace bogeymen.