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June 1999
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June 1999 Issue

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Edition: Vol 7 Number 06

Customers Come First For Sales Leaders
Benchmark Performance Standards For The Medical Supply Industry

Premier's Physician Purchasing Program Reaches The Next Level
A new web-based system could lift Premier's Provider Select program to stratospheric heights.

Where No Distributor Has Gone Before
Treading territory seldom seen by traditional distributors, Mike Visnich's Quality Assured Services is part of a new breed of distribution companies.

A Satellite System That Means No More Cells

Premier Fires Back
The company defends its safety track record, and makes overtures to small player.

How Will the Independents Fare?
Independent distributors, expect no miracles. At least that's the message from Repertoire's Dail-E-News readers who responded to our latest E-Vent questions about independents.

IMCO Meeting Celebrates Independents

IMDA Forges Ties With Manufacturers

HMMC Spring Conference: It's Still a Relationship Business

Showing Is Strong At Starline Meeting: 'Networking Ideas For Solutions'

Bergen Meeting Focuses On Keys To Success

Mission: Possible
With shoe horn, crow bar or solid sales strategy, the best salespeople are willing to try anything to get their products in the hands of new customers.

The Winner And Still Champion Is...
In an industry so caught up in cost containment, it is instructive to remember that price is not the ultimate buying influence.

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