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October 1999
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October 1999 Issue

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Edition: Vol 7 Number 10

Keeping The Customer Satisfied Isn't Enough
A not-so-famous American once said, 'If you worked as hard at keeping your customers as you did to get them, you would never lose them.' Overwhelmingly, Dail-E News readers agreed with the proposition.

When the Blowing Gets Tough...

GPOs Launch E-Commerce Counter-Attack
Not to be outdone by the e-commerce companies, GPOs build their own electronic trading communities.

UPN Would Help E-Commerce

Physician Surgery Suites: Orphan Children No More
A new group purchasing program could signal a coming of age for long ignored office-based surgery suites.

American Surgical Specialties Co.: Eight Ways to Skin a Cat
For this group of specialty distributors ‘small is beautiful.’

The Family Business As Sacred Trust
A new book titled ‘Sustaining The Family Business: An Insider's Guide To Managing Across Generations’ posits family businesses exist to sustain families financially -- and spiritually.

CLIA-Waived Tests Make For Smart Selling
Selling CLIA-waived tests is a no-brainer, once you've mastered a few easy concepts. Here's what you need to know.

MSA SnapShot
Portland, ME

IMCO Celebrates Fourth Expansion in Six Years

Lake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply
Non-Traditional Supplier Looks To Niche Markets

Where Have All The Loyal Customers Gone?
Building value and depth in your relationships with customers goes beyond comp lunches and ball games.

Don't Be A Buying Cycle Victim
It's possible to get ahead of the competition by using the ‘extended buying cycle’ to good advantage

Where Have The 3PLs Gone?
So far, the buzz on third-party logistics companies has been just that: Buzz.

Travel Tips