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December 1999
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December 1999 Issue

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Edition: Vol 7 Number 12

'99 Rewind
From the Internet to Capitol Hill, 1999 was a year of rapid change in our industry. Here's a look back at the issues making the news, and what you had to say about them.

The 20th Century's Off The Hook
What are you going to miss about the 20th century? What are you looking forward to in the 21st?

OSHA Directive Forces Needle Safety
New document creates much confusion, but plenty of selling opportunities.

Company With A View
Welch Allyn's Lodge Has Educational Focus

Long-Term-Care Providers Wait for the Cavalry
The feds are giving back some of the money they took from long-term-care providers. But a full recovery will take some time.

Small Manufacturers Bundle Up
For the little guys in big business, there's safety in numbers.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
What's wrong with the desire to succeed? Nothing -- as long as you keep it all in perspective.

Trust Me: Build Your Web Site For Success
When it comes to Web marketing, trust is the key ingredient.

e-Commerce Lexicon

Gene Dell, that is, president of PSS
Gene Dell, that is, president of PSS

Using E-Commerce As A Sales Tool
New technology can complement your existing sales approach.

MSA SnapShot
Indianapolis, IN

From 'E-Business' To 'Me-Business': The emergence of 'Dr. You'
Speakers at the recent NCI Health Care Executive Forum painted a picture of health care in the future that will find the consumer smack dab in the middle of his or her own care.

Western New York Surgical Focusing On Customers

Superstar: Have You Got What It Takes?
Are you selling up to your potential? Check out how you stack up and be all you can be.

Top-Rung Selling
These twelve personal marketing tactics can help you get to the top -- and stay there.

The Essence Of Selling
Even with the trend toward e-commerce, sales reps will continue to drive our industry.

Five Lessons From Michael (Not Gene) Dell