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March 2000
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March 2000 Issue

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Edition: Vol 8 Number 03

Proven Ideas Meet New Technologies
In today's competitive sales arena, if you don't have all the answers, there's another sales rep with that customer's name on his/her bag. Today's reps need teachers like the very best ones they had in school. They're out there.

Computer Gadget Makes Great Training Tool

GM1 For All
Single-platform companywide info systems to pull together McKessonHBOC and give associates access to accurate, real-time information.

Specialty Distributors Face Off With Dot-Coms
At their annual management conference, IMDA members worry that the markets they develop will be stolen by their cybercounterparts.

Thinking of selling?
Walk, Don't Run

IDN Exits Distribution Business
Presbyterian had product delivery down pat, but couldn't control utilization.

GPOs Continue to Chase Non-Hospital Market
Recent distribution agreements further GPO non-hospital in-roads.

100 Top Hospitals
Benchmarks for Success Study

What Does It Take To Be A Top 100 Hospital?
Clinical excellence, yes. But fiscal excellence too.

Wanted: B2B Sell Side Solutions
Dot-coms discover lower price quotes from strangers on the 'Net do not equate to co-created, lowest, total cost supply relationships with local distributors.

Customer Service: Your Soft Sell Advantage
Customers service shouldn't be an endangered species

Twenty-three Davids Equal One Big Goliath
Independent imaging suppliers use technology to form the best of both worlds.

Ten Tips For A Great Web Site

It's Time To Think Strategically About Your Web Site
Focus on the functionality necessary to reach specific business goals

Supply Chain Innovation path to market leadership
Two approaches to overhauling your supply chain.

Beckman Seeks To Manage Its Mix
Beckman Coulter Primary Care Diagnostics concentrates on getting the right focus on the right products.

For Safety Needles Sales, TAKE THE HIGH ROAD
Currently, less than 20% of sharps in use are ‘safety’ sharps. Selling safe sharps is the hottest distributor opportunity to appear since latex and plastic.

Needlesticks Can Kill

Perfect Training Every Time! Repertoire readers, behold. We asked readers of the Dail-E News to tell us what would comprise the perfect training class. Their responses are a recipe for success, which any trainer should clip and save.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Demo...
Why Ray Jackson was one of the ‘great ones’ in our industry.

Manufacturer Execs to Get Close Look at Dot-Coms
HMMC Meeting Preview

Pharmed Sees Return To Regional Opportunities

E-Commerce Unites Buyers and Sellers
Medpool.com founder Anne DeGheest discusses hospital purchasing in the new economy.

Colorectal Cancer: Early Screening Saves Lives
It's not often that a disease can be so readily prevented or cured. Why not take a few simple steps to become a survival statistic?

Facts About Colorectal Cancer

CDC Supports Colorectal Cancer Screening Programs

Bulletproof Your Business Against Competitor Attacks
When it comes to marketing and sales, most businesses refuse to take the necessary action to prepare for extended periods when the competition is unusually severe.

Sharing Information Is The KEY To Empowerment

A Fairy Tale
Today, the likelihood that distributors would pay to attend a meeting put on by manufacturers is as slim as Ally McBeal.

Out with the old, In with the new