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March 2014
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March 2014 Issue

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Edition: Vol 22 Number 03

Theyíve Got Questions.
Your customers need answers to health reform issues, and theyíre looking to their sales reps for help.

Publisher's Letter: The ACA Madness

Practice Points
What Do You Know That Your Clients Donít?

The Affordable Care Act: A primer

HIDA Health Reform Update

Contracting Executive Profile
Supply chain expert David Hargraves has paved the way for future expansion and new direction at UPMC.

Antibacterial Soaps and Washes Under the Microscope
But FDAís proposed rule is opportunity for reps to emphasize to customers the importance of buying healthcare-grade products

Building Blocks
The economy and healthcare reform are shaping the future of hospital and outpatient facility construction

Colorectal Cancer
Early detection and diagnosis can often lead to a cure.

EOL: Screening for Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases, but also one of the easiest to prevent.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
March is the month to remind your customers of the importance of testing patients for early signs of disease. Itís also a good time to consider your own health.

Liability Costs Increasing
Rising liability costs threaten long-term-care providers in 2014. For sales reps, itís an opportunity to help customers focus on cost savings solutions.

Quick Bytes

Windshield Time

Rep Corner: Less Talk, More Sales
From kitchen design to medical products, Al Frere knows successful selling is about letting the customer close the deal.



Repertoire online
Subhead: $128 Question