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January 2014
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January 2014 Issue

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Edition: Vol 22 Number 01

Medical Distribution Hall of Fame Inductees

Champion of the Independents
Bill McLaughlin has built a strong IMCO organization through tenacity, passion, loyalty and smarts.

The Real Deal
Want to know how to spot Yates Farris in a room?

Publisher’s letter: Exceptional Contributions

Practice Points: The Payment Revolution
It may have started without your clients

Opportunity amidst Uncertainty
Independents have a good story to tell the supply chain executive whose IDN has just purchased a physician practice

HIDA’s Health Reform Update

Greater savings, better outcomes


Why patient experience is so important

Soft surface contamination: not a hard problem to solve
Privacy curtains, bed linens and employee uniforms can be a haven for bacteria in long-term care settings.

Numbers Racket
New cholesterol guidelines stir up a hornet’s nest, but monitoring LDL through point-of-care testing is still important

Colonoscopy is test of choice…
…but only because doctors push it over fecal occult blood tests and flexible sigmoidoscopy

EOL Tech Talk: Tipping the scale

REP Corner: Treasures from the Past
Antique medical equipment never gets old for D.J. O’Connor.

Fit for 14

Quick Bytes

$128 Question