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October 2012
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October 2012 Issue

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Edition: Vol 20 Number 10

It Takes a Team
Physicians will need to rely on mid-level providers to care for an anticipated influx of 32 million patients

Publisher's Letter: ACA and Reform - a mixed bag

The Future of Lab Fees
Proposed cuts will be challenging

Cardinal Health intends to make an impact

HIDA’s Health Reform Update

Book Review: Get Real
Are today’s young people losing touch with authenticity and real, human relationships? If so, how will tomorrow’s sales reps connect with customers?

The Myth of the One-Time Discount
Resist the temptation and protect your margins

Sharp Points
The importance of a clearly defined sales structure


Quick Bytes

Local market provides far-reaching savings
South Florida Regional Coalition covers a small geography but manages to reap ample savings through supply aggregation, standardization and marketplace leveraging.

Vendor credentialing: Are we all on the same page yet?
Suppliers, hospitals and vendor credentialing companies appear to be moving in step with each other … with a few exceptions

Why is Bone Testing Down?
Money could be the cause. Misinformation doesn’t help either

Preventing Flu
Flu season lasts long into the spring, making it essential that long-term-care facilities, administrators and staff remain vigilant to prevent its spread.

EOL Tech Talk: Chemistry Systems
Chemistry analysis provides your physician customers with a window into their patients’ health.

Healthy reps: Inside Out
Do you ever wish you could get other people to change? Start with yourself.

RepCorner: A Year to Remember
After serving a year of active duty in the Horn of Africa, PSS’ Tad Strong reflects on his experience.

People News

New Products

Outsmart Your Smartphone
Smartphones have become a great tool for selling. Just don’t let it become competition.

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