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September 2012
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September 2012 Issue

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Edition: Vol 20 Number 09

The Supreme Court decision: What now?
The reform train probably would have kept rolling regardless of how the Court ruled

Access to care
As millions more enter the ranks of the insured, who will care for them?

Honest Assessments
Studies on the comparative effectiveness of procedures and technologies will continue in wake of Supreme Court’s decision.

Wheels up for ACOs

Medical device tax: An ugly duckling
Suppliers fear it will severely impact profitability. Providers worry they’ll get stuck paying for it. Feds believe it will help pay for healthcare reform

Publisher's Letter: Let the Games Begin

Practice Points: Watch Their Backs
How doctors get ripped off – and how you can help protect them

A Show of Hands in Upstate New York
Welch Allyn, distributor partners mobilize for a social responsibility campaign

Purchasing with a POP
North Carolina docs form own distribution company

HIDA’s HealthReform Update

Time for a Break?
There’s no time like the present to help physicians take advantage of tax breaks. But sales reps take note: Help your customers identify the want and need for new equipment before bringing the IRS into the discussion.


Quick Bytes

Minnesota hospitals look at vendor credentialing
Hospital Association leaves door open to standards

Book Review: Muddy Waters
Keeping the Players Straight

CMS moves into action
The 2012 nursing home action plan takes three-part aim.

Massachusetts loosens the strings on sales reps

POC Testing on the Rise?
Healthcare reform legislation and expansion of accountable care organizations have led to increased interest in point-of-care testing.

Tony Vernola: Taking the Plunge
A jump off the deep end is nothing for one sales manager – as long as he pays attention to what’s going on around him.

Open Letter: The EMR Challenge

Healthy Reps: Lessons from a Boiling Frog
Dealing with the pace of life before it overwhelms you.

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