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February 2012
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February 2012 Issue

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Edition: Vol 20 Number 02

Talking in Code
ICD-10 system must be implemented October 2013, says the government. Payers seem ready. How about providers?

Publisherís Letter: Outcomes and Incomes

The Lab Guy: Need to Knows
Lab resources for you and your customers.

HIDA reengineers annual conference

Long Reach
Inside reps exert plenty of influence on the market, whether by themselves or in tandem with their counterparts in the field

HIDAís Health Reform Update

A Person of Influence
Identifying what makes top performers so persuasive

The Hidden Path to Sales Success
How an inward reflection can affect outward performance

Selling with Story


Quick Bytes

Contracting Executive Profile

Building Relationships, Reducing Costs
One purchasing coalition reflects on strengthening ties between team members while leveraging its market share.

Where have all the sales reps gone?
By adding feet on the street, manufacturers improve service and help their distributors achieve more sales.

EOL Teck Talk: Vital Signs
Automated and EMR-compatible, todayís vital signs monitors are more reliable and accurate than ever before.

Get Real
Interest rates below the rate of inflation have important investment implications

Healthy reps: Working Out the Workplace
Who says the workplace canít be good for the mind, body and soul?

RepCorner: Giving Back
Once his decades-old idea took root, Joe Eilermanís charitable mission took off.

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