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April 2010
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April 2010 Issue

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Edition: Vol 18 Number 04

Close but no SGR
The current method of reimbursing physicians is causing the industry fits but change is slow in coming

Publisher’s Letter
The Next Big Thing?

The Lab Guy

Distributor profile: Smart Moves
One distributor discovers that “knowledge” is as valued a commodity among physicians as cabinetry and medical supplies

Distributors to manufacturers: ‘Share our passion’

Ride-with Rules
Distributor reps share what works and what doesn’t when doing manufacturer ride-withs

View from the Top
Distribution execs tell manufacturers how to make things happen in the field

The Titus Touch
Hall of Famer shares his recipe for successful manufacturer/distributor relationships

What drives a sales rep to pitch a product?
Inquiring minds want to know

Moran roasted…honored

PWH meeting addresses healthcare reform

HIDA legislative update
Reconciling Healthcare Reform

Sales: Customer Check-ups
How early diagnosis can save your sales life

Sales management: Showtime
How to increase sales at trade shows


Quick Bytes

The Price of Doing Business
Pricing trends described in Novation report

Nitrile challenges latex as exam glove of choice
A number of factors play a hand in the changing face of the glove market

EOL Tech Talk: Gloves

Making a Point
POC testing makes sense from a patient care standpoint, and it demonstrates to patients that their nursing home cares about them

Personal finance: A Little Clarity
How to develop your investment philosophy

Rep Corner: Catch, Carry and Pass
Lacrosse was more than just a sport for one distributor sales rep

People news

New Products

$128 Question