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May 2009
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May 2009 Issue

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Edition: Vol 17 Number 05

Solution Specialist
The Sales Consultant Physician practices still value service, but solutions are premium

The Case for Greatness

Spotting a Leader
Traits of a physician practice with high morale

Attention to Detail
One distributor finds that service still matters, no matter how high-tech the industry has become.

HIDA Government Affairs Update
Are your customers up to speed on federal and state regulations? Are you?

Fred Polzin: Professor of Life

Fasting and Feasting
Creating a business and life mentality that keeps you on top

Fill’er Up
How to keep your sales from running out of gas

Clock Management
The two most important decisions a salesperson makes

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive-related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

The thickets of OR buying … and selling
Reps who can help their customers bridge the gap between clinicians and administration will succeed in the market

Hard Lessons
“Why Hospitals Should Fly – The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care,” by John Nance

Signs of the Times
MDSI report chronicles hospital layoff trends

Retail Clinics: Growing pains, or just plain growing?

The Power of Purchasing
Whether they finance equipment or outright purchase it, nursing homes should continue to invest in their future, with distributor reps as their guide

Doctors have used electrosurgery to cut and coagulate for the last 80 years. Today, the technology is sharper than ever and used across any number of specialties.

Riding with Purpose
One rep and his colleagues ride 200 miles to raise awareness for Prader-Willi Syndrome

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