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March 2009
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March 2009 Issue

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Edition: Vol 17 Number 03

Help on the way?
Stimulus package could be boost for industry

Science, politics and the Council for Comparative Effectiveness

Real Time Helping physicians maximize technology to be more profitable.

From the Ground Up
A self-taught entrepreneur uses his smarts to grow a long-term-care distributorship.

Serving today's IDNs
Twenty-plus years after stockless purchasing debuted, materials executives continue to demand outsourced services from their distributors.

Life After Death
How a dead sale can bring life to your career.

Learning from Failure
Everyone makes mistakes. Here's how to use them for future growth in the workplace.

Shape of Things to Come
A look at Tom Daschle's 2008 book on the healthcare crisis may offer a glimpse of the healthcare-reform debate about to take place

Windshield time

The Proposal
How one health system's supply chain is handling procurement for an expansion of its facilities

Physician shortage extends beyond primary care
Even so, opportunities abound for distributors

Quality First
Helping LTC customers move from a medical to social model of care

Are your customers EMR-ready?
Physicians increasingly turn to their sales reps for advice on EMRs, and reps must be ready to respond.

All Together Now
Provider and supplier organizations hammer out a consensus statement on vendor credentialing of clinical reps

Manufacturers Approve New Code of Ethics
Modesty is in this year

Vital Signs Monitoring
Automated and EMR-compatible, today's vital signs monitors have come a long way from their manual predecessors.

People News

What's in a Name?
Why the title on your business card is important

Clearing the Clutter
What to hold, what to shred

Carrying the Ball
A former assistant Big East women's basketball coach applies hardcourt lessons to real life.

New Products

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