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May 2008
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May 2008 Issue

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Edition: Vol 17 Number 05

Just Dues
Helping physicians with reimbursement issues

A radical notion for the not-so-radical

Ask the Expert

Back to Business
A former hospital distributor rep finds success post retirement in the LTC market with a customized business model benefiting both employees and customers.

Acting Childish
Three tips to accessing whatever and whoever you want.

Saying No to the Status Quo
Tough times tactics for making sales.

Is it in You?
Characteristics of successful salespeople.

Made in China'…and proud of it
There's only one way to approach customers who ask about your Chinese-made products: Confidently.


idn opportunities: Southern Illinois Healthcare
A different plan of attack

Drug-resistant organisms in nursing homes may not be eradicated, but they can be managed.

A Hand in Hygiene
Proper hand hygiene can save lives.

To Err is Human…and Costly
The cost of preventing errors is nothing compared to the cost of the error itself, note experts.

The simplest way to save a life.

No Horseplay
In spite of the hard work involved, training horses is a passion for Amy Boucheck Haller.

People news

The Silent Tax
Inflation can erode your portfolio over time if you’re not careful.

$128 Question