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December 2007
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December 2007 Issue

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Edition: Vol 0 Number 12

Year in review 2007
And now, a word about selling... A look at quotes from Repertoire readers in 2007 about what makes for successful selling.

Wrapping up 2007

ask the expert
In our Ask the Expert column, Dr. Sheila Dunn dishes out clear, concise and, sometimes, hilarious answers to those pesky customer questions that keep sales reps awake at night. Just think: The next time a customer asks you someithing like, "Who says we have to fix that gaping hole inour exame table?" or "How come we get reimbursed less for that test than we pay for it?" You can come back with a witty repartee to put the lid on those concerns. So, come on...Ask the Expert. Email your questions to AskTheExpert@MDSI.org

On the Drop of a Dime
One distributor discovers that customers need more than just supply orders met.

Customer Service Reps We Love
Repertoire readers are face-to-face with their customers, while their customer service reps are, more often than not, headset-to-headset. But they’re both in the sales business. When they’re working together, customers are satisfied and sales are strong. When they’re not, they’re tripping over each other — and their customers. As it has in the past, Repertoire recently asked readers to recognize the customer service reps back in the office who keep doing what they do best — taking care of the customer. Here are profiles of some of them.

Hard-to-Get Selling
How indifference can often make the difference

The Playing Field
Dealing effectively with the competition.

Windshield time
Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive-related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Taking a Poll of POL
POL: a greater opportunity for physicians to provide better patient care.

Under Scrutiny
Why nursing home inspections cause high anxiety for your LTC customers.

People news

Commanding Presence
Jettaka Alexander transitioned from Army colonel to sales maanger for Owens & Minor.

The Right Foot Forward
Building sucess through strong relationships

New Products


Advance Screening
Early detection key for treatment of HIV

$128 Question
In ever issue, Repertoire asks a "$128 Question." We'll award $128 to the winner. (See submission details below.)