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October 2006
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October 2006 Issue

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Edition: Vol 14 Number 10

Excellence In Sales Awards

Point Man
Claflin Co.'s Mike Leva is a go-to guy for his customers.

Always Something New
Dawn Crane pushes herself - and others - to grow.

Accidental Independence
Jack Moran has turned an unexpected career twist into a successful venture.

Sales Ambassador

Publisher's Letter: Excellence in Sales

Ask the expert
In our Ask the Expert column, Dr. Sheila Dunn dishes out clear, concise and, sometimes, hilarious answers to those pesky customer questions that keep sales reps awake at night. Just think: The next time a customer asks you something like, “Who says we have to fix that gaping hole in our exam table?” or “How come we get reimbursed less for that test than we pay for it?” You can come back with a witty repartee to put the lid on those concerns. So, come on … Ask the Expert. E-mail your questions to AskTheExpert@MDSI.org.

A Lasting Legacy
W.G. Allyn: Relationship-builder, relationship-keeper.

Internship program an education for college student and med/surg distributor.

Open Market
HIDA reports document $22 billion in distributed med/surg sales.

The Princess and Tammy Faye
Why we are all afraid to take a risk.


Department of Veterans Affairs
Number crunching a Super IDN.

Beating the Odds
OB/GYNs are finding creative ways to continue revenue growth.

Panic Attack
Experts try to anticipate the effects of influenza pandemic, nationally and worldwide.

Rep Corner: Yes I Can

People News

New Products


Blood glucose testing

$128 Question