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August 2006
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August 2006 Issue

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Edition: Vol 14 Number 08

Hit or Miss
Healthcare distributors anticipate some headaches this flu season. And, while their aches may not be of a viral nature, there's little doubt an ample supply of flu vaccine would protect them.

Reimbursement Changes Brewing

Ask the Expert

A Fresh Start
Distributor takes old company in new direction

Best Practices
IMCO panel discusses everything from hurricanes to HR.

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast
Sales lessons from Danny Zucko.

Closing the Sale
A realistic perspective.

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive-related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Know Thy Customer
Editor’s note: There’s some truth to the expression, “If you’ve seen one IDN, you’ve seen one IDN.” That’s why learning how individual IDNs function and make purchasing decisions is so helpful. IDN Opportunities provides that information, and arms sales reps with questions that they can take to their own current and prospective accounts.

Access Denied
Reps will have to work harder for a foot in hospitals’ doors.

Are You Game?
IDNs and their non-acute care members find more reasons to leverage GPO contracts. Editor’s note: This article appeared in the May/June 2006 issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

The Big Squeeze
How distributor reps can guide pediatric customers to sound business decisions despite tight margins.

Advertiser Profiles

A Clean Sweep
How to prep customers for infection control through proper sterilization.


Start your Engines

People News

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