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February 2006
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February 2006 Issue

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Edition: Vol 14 Number 02

Helping Your Customers Put it all Together
Medicare cutbacks and tighter margins are forcing family practices to offer more services and technologies than ever before. For distributor reps, this means positioning yourself as account managers and consultants rather than order takers.

Educating the Customer

Ask The Expert

High Flyer
With an eagle eye for opportunity, Pacific Northwest swooped in to answer Spokane’s need for long-term care supplies.

Changes at the top of Welch Allyn
Company’s commitment to distribution remains unchanged.

Out on a Limb
Sometimes being successful in sales means venturing out of your comfort zone and taking risks.

Life Through Ben’s Glasses
How a man saw things in an amazing way.

Open Record
How to market and sell when everything keeps changing.

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive-related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Price, Quality, Outcomes
Vendors need to approach McLaren Health System with products and services that will deliver on all three counts.

Web-Window Shopping
Physicians go online to research equipment, but they’re slow to make $10,000 orders without seeing a rep.

Making the Switch
The immunochemical fecal occult blood test is accurate and patient friendly. But, do your customers know about it?

Meningitis Vaccine Still in Demand
Distributors may not be in the Menactra loop until spring 2007.

Prothrombin Time (PT)Testing
PT Testing can be a time saver for both physicians and patients.

Be Clear in your PT Questioning

Freedom Fighter

New products

People news


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