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September 2005
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September 2005 Issue

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Edition: Vol 13 Number 09

2005 Repertoire/HIDA Excellence in Sales Awards

Second Opinion:
Diagnostics get a Boost

Ask the Expert

Seitz to Lead NDC

Sweet Spot
Sales reps from Calhoun, Ga.-based Medical Innovations spend much of their time calling on the small nursing home chains that sprouted up after the huge chains foundered. But in the future, they may find themselves calling more frequently on a customer who’s new to Medical Innovations: the physician.

30 Years of Service
One distributor reflects on past progress and future plans.

The Power of Inventory
Notwithstanding some manufacturers’ efforts to dry up the so-called secondary market, a program that allows distributors to trade excess inventory with others continues to gain strength. In fact, the company that offers the service, Invatec, of Stafford, Texas, has broadened the program by offering information services to help suppliers manage excess inventory.

Many Unhappy Returns
Returns are a burden to customers, distributors and manufacturers. They’re also expensive, in terms of the time and money spent processing them. How can they be reduced, and what would the impact be on the supply chain?

HIDA: Leadership on Industry Issues

Turnaround in Alabama
A new contracting strategy is part of Baptist Health System’s plan to regain a premier spot in the area’s healthcare scene.

Time Management Attitudes
You alone are responsible for how you use your time. Not your boss. Not your spouse. Not your assistant.

Try a Sales Blitz
Frustrated with your Company’s Inability to Develop New Customers?

Trade Show Tips
For manufacturers and distributors who want to maximize their investments

6 Critical Success Factors for Sales Reps

Constructing a Prospect Pipeline
A continuous flow of leads produces sales.

Get your Customers to Listen
Find out what your customers need, and then give it to them.

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive-related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Long-Term Care Goes Slick
‘Warm and fuzzy’ gives way to ‘slick and high-tech’ for long-term care facilities

Test Time for Adiagnostics

GPO Warns: 'Fragile' Distribution Market
Novation asks its hospital members to develop a logistics strategy that takes into account the costs and savings of using distributors effectively.

The Power of Brands
Brand names hold up in cost-conscious healthcare industry

A Metamorphosis
The emerging advanced wound care market

People News

Rep Corner

New Products

Letter to the Editor

$ 128 Question