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March 2005
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March 2005 Issue

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Edition: Vol 13 Number 03

NDC Finds Power in Numbers
NDC keeps the locals in play.

Become an Invaluable rep

Ask the Expert

Customer Service Reps We Love
Wanted: Person who… • Enjoys solving problems • Doesn’t mind smiling into a headset • Honestly wants to help people • Can quickly put a name to a voice • Likes to wear down irate customers with kindness • Considers a ringing telephone to be a challenge, and maybe even an adventure

True Stories
Repertoire’s Dail-E News readers share stories about their favorite customer service reps.

Broad Mission calls for broad cost-cutting strategy

‘Twenty Days to the Top’
How the PRECISE Selling Formula Will Make You your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less

Long-Term Care Customers Speak
Funding, staffing top owners’ concerns

Issues Facing long-term care

Selling Surgical Instruments
As specialties grow, so does opportunity.

Less Hassle, Pain, Cost
New in-office procedure offers an alternative to tubal ligation and a sales opportunity for distributor sales reps

Sales Opportunity: drugs-of-abuse tests

Getting customers the most for their money

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Manufacturers want to know
Are distributors using private labels to both parties’ benefits?

Food for Thought
Private labeling may be roiling the medical-surgical industry, but it’s old hat for others.

High-End Sales Opportunities
Selling pulsed light therapy and ultrasound

Rep Corner
Lacrosse to Bear

People News

New Products


$128 question

Push Comes to Shove