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January 2005
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January 2005 Issue

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Edition: Vol 13 Number 01

Goodbye, George Blowers
Celebrating the life of a man who’d give you the (frayed) shirt off his back

How Lucky Can You Get?
Editor’s Note: George Blowers, one of the initial inductees into the Medical Distribution Hall of Fame, passed away on Nov. 9, 2004. His career and influence on the industry are chronicled in a tribute article in this issue (pg. 26). George hired our co-publisher, Brian Taylor, in 1974. Brian presented the following at George’s recent memorial service.

Talk of Reimbursements, Payments and Exam Rooms

Marketing Machine
Darby penetrates physicians’ market via millions of catalogs, small army of telesales reps

2005 The Medical Distribution Hall of Fame
Publisher’s Note: Five years ago, Repertoire adopted an idea espoused by CIDA’s Kevin Neuman to establish a Medical Distribution Hall of Fame to honor those who have contributed most to the medical products distribution industry. The Hall of Fame has been good for us, because it has given us the opportunity to learn more about our industry and its roots. We hope our readers enjoy the same benefits. We’ve had fun hearing their stories; we hope you do, too. As we cast our net for inductees several months ago, we found that many names arose. But this year, we settled on just one – Max Goodloe, who with boyhood friend Jack Enoch, founded what was to become General Medical (now McKesson Medical-Surgical). Since Goodloe died almost 15 years ago, we had to rely on interviews with those who worked closely with him. We are indebted to Jack Enoch, Roy Childrey, John Bingham, Pat Kelly and Jimmy West for being so generous of their time. We also thank the following people, who gave us their input for this year’s Hall of Fame: Ted Almon, Bob Barnes, Yates Farris, Bob Jaeger, Cindy Juhas, Don Kitzmiller, Bill McLaughlin, John Moran, Kevin Neuman, Mike O’Connor, Ron Stephenson, Jim Stover and DeWight Titus.

UAB Health System
Making things easier for the vendor

Billing and Reimbursement 101
The basics for medical salespeople

Chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Here’s some automotive related news that might help you appreciate your home-away-from-home a little more.

Private Labels Penetrate Product Shelve

Dr. Ben’s Horoscope & Almanac for the ‘Weathered’ Sales Rep

Physician AED Market Waits to be Tapped
AED sales are rising in the non-hospital market.

Demand for Ankle-Brachial Index Increases

Rep Corner
The Edgell File
Rep:Mark Edgell
Age: 48
Company: McKesson Medical-Surgical (since 1979)
Territory: Southwest Virginia
Customer base: Primarily doctors; some nursing homes
Fact: Played high school and college basketball; still plays

New Products

People News

Bill Buxbaum
Hematronix founder is gone but not forgotten


$128 Question

The Private Labeling Sprawl