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May 2004
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May 2004 Issue

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Edition: Vol 12 Number 05

The Internet Begins to Deliver on its Promise
Dot-coms haven’t displaced medical-surgical distributors, as some feared they might. Instead, they got distributors fired up about the Internet.

Play Ball!

Craig Christopher:
Inspired Loyalty Through Loyalty

Executive Conference 2004

Stretching It
Gary Reeve is stretching what it means to be a medical-surgical distributor in today’s market.

A Great Transformation
Holladay Surgical turns its greatest potential weakness small size – into strength.

POL: A Multi-market Approach

PSS Begins its Trade Show Season

IMCO 2004 National Convention “Time to Hoist Your Sales”

HIDA Educational Foundation Releases
Distributor of the Future White Paper

Banner Health Stays the Course with Premier

Plugging Away at POL sales
Test your lab-selling quotient.

Nominate the Industry’s best sales people now!
The 2004 Excellence in Sales Awards will include a distributor and manufacturer winner.

Why Won’t Doctors buy my products?


Professional Women in Healthcare

Pulse Oximetry

People News

Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

New Products

Forty Years Ago

IMDA Annual Conference Just Three Months Away

$128 Question

Face to Face

Why Mentor?