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October 2003
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October 2003 Issue

Magazine Cover

Edition: Vol 11 Number 10

People News

Midland Medical has Staying Power

Sticking Up for the ABCO at 50 Years

Chris Pancratz Got Things Done

Agreement by Moore Medical & Abatix Expands Each Other’s Reach

Sales Reps Soar at the Tri-anim National Sales Meeting

Excess Inventory: It’s Hurting Your Company More Than You Realize

MedStar Holds Fast to its GPO Relationship

Whatever it Takes

Manufacturers’ Rep George Soutiere to Retire


Disease Management:
Are Physicians Buying It?

Access Success

Access Is Worth its Wait in Gold

Training and Tools Can Solve Problems

A Look at the Medical-Surgical Industry from the Ground up

MedCorp Taps Market for Pre-Owned Ultrasound

What it Takes to be a Leader

Flu Vaccination Saves Lives

Plan for Retirement to Avoid Common Pitfalls Later

New products


Forty Years Ago

$ 128 Question

Deliver the Solution, not Just a Solution

Got an Attitude?