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October 2001
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October 2001 Issue

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Edition: Vol 9 Number 10

The Method to Linda Phillips' Madness
For Linda Phillips, knowledge leads to respect, which leads to trust, which leads to long-term relationships.

Distributors Respond to New York, Washington Tragedies

Only Large HMOs Succeed While Overall Membership Shrinks
Consolidation is paying off for companies that had the means to merge with other plans.

The Post-EHCR Supply Chain
Although EHCR may be officially dead, its principles are not.

A Local Concern: District Healthcare
Metro DC company grabs opportunity when and where they present themselves.

Patient Privacy: New Law May Lead to Endless Meetings and Big Dollar Signs
HIPAA aims to reduce administrative costs and ensure patient privacy rights, while providers face compliance deadlines.

Breast Cancer Detection Improved by CAD Technology

Sales Manager Added Life to the Industry
George Dyke is remembered for his love of family, friends and associates.

Super Hero or Villain….Delivering Bad News to Customers

Hospitals Spinning Wheels on Purchasing
Distributors can step to the plate and help hospitals save money.

Kiki Selby: A Positive Influence

Needlestick Assessments to Begin in April

For Powerful Communication, the Eyes Have It
''I don't trust him. He won't even look me in the eye.''

A New Deal for Retirement Plans

E-Vent-What's Your Approach to Selling?
What's Your Approach to Selling?Do you emphasize relationship or price?

Reports Examine Distributor Markets

The Clues and Cues of Quality

Surgical Adhesives: Can Liquids Stick It to Suture and Staples?
Or will closing wounds continue to rely on cat gut, nylon and coated stainless steel?

IMDA Technology Briefs
Technology news from IMDA, the specialty sales and marketing dealers association.

Redefining Selling
New approach gets PSS back in front of the doctor.

Teach Your Customers How to Sell
New book can help your customers improve their businesses and walk a mile in your shoes too.

What to Do When Your Regular Buyer Leaves the Company

How Can I Sell More When I Have So Much to Do?

CPT Suggestion Gets Cool Reception

Ovarian Cancer Poses Deadly Threat
Women with ovarian cancer face a 50-50 chance for survival beyond five years.

COPD Patients Discover Less Is More

American Character

Pay-for-Performance Trade Promotions