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August 2001
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August 2001 Issue

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Edition: Vol 9 Number 08

The New Product Dance

Nothing Shops Like a Great Idea

Marketing is Two-Way Street

Questions to Ask Manufacturers

Repertoire/HIDA Excellence in Sales Award

E-mail's Gold

Doctors' Cost-Control Bonuses Shelved by HMO
Quality of care will overshadow cost-savings in new system.

The Other Side Of The Desk
E-Commerce: Where's the Beef? Recent study released by Andersen attempts to quantify the impact of E-Commerce.

Free Spirit
High-energy PHS celebrates its 20th anniversary with characteristic verve.

Hard Work Pays Off For A Fulfilling Career
Being a woman in a male dominated workforce was not enough to hold back sales manager Betty Williams.

New Faces of Distribution
…But one of those faces – Ted Pacha – is a familiar one.

C.D. Medical Inc. Hartland, WI

Online Matchmaker
Rep911 strives to create online meeting place for manufacturers and distributors.

Publishers Letter

Letter to the Editor
How Low Can Prices Go?

Selling: Chapter and Verse

Grogan's Healthcare Supply MedGames 2001

Henry Schein 2001… A Sales Odyssey

Specialty Manufacturers, Distributors Meet

Your Ideal Rep

NDC University Graduates 41 Sales Rookies

Pap Tests Offer Best Solution for Early Cancer Detection
The pap test has become a critical tool for detecting cervical cancer, a disease that is virtually symptom-free until it has advanced to an untreatable stage.

The OB/Gyn in GP's Clothing
The new reality in women's health.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
New treatments offer improved fertility and long-term health benefits.

Underperforming Assets Can Erode Purchasing Power

Is Everybody Ready?

How to Throw a Boomerang