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July 2001
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July 2001 Issue

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Edition: Vol 9 Number 07

Tyco's Traffic Control in Healthcare

Is Tyco a Johnson & Johnson Clone? Hardly

Tycos's Healthcare Repertoire

Fighting Back
Long-Term-Care Industry Pursues Solutions to Funding Crisis

Cholesterol Guidelines Can Make You a HERO

Kaiser Back and Leading Again

PSS World Medical is a…Survivor
PSS World Medical has jumped off the obstacle course it's been on for the past few years.

The Family That Works
Hiltons embrace the changes that come with selling a small business.

The Other Side Of The Desk
So, You're Selling an Outsourcing Program

New Organization Pushes No Needle, No Stick Primary Prevention of Sharps Injuries

Hospital Finance: Things Could Get Ugly

What Customers Pay You To Know About Sterilization and Disinfection

Technology news from IMDA, the specialty sales and marketing dealers association.
IMDA Technology Briefs

Inside Sales Move Outside

Sterling Surgical Supply Inc.

When Selling is a Tug of War

Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
New twists and technologies give physicians much to consider

The Chilling Facts
A symptomless disease too often proves fatal.

Navigating a Volatile Market


So Little Time, So Much to Know