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April 2000
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April 2000 Issue

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Edition: Vol 8 Number 04

Think You’re In The Products Business? Think Again.
Services provided by distributors must have quantifiable value to every customer, and that value must be communicated effectively by every salesperson.

FDA Reg Could Hurt Drug Resellers
A FDA rule scheduled to go into effect in December could put a severe crimp on distributors who sell pharmaceuticals.

Materials Managers Hopeful, Wary Of E-Commerce
Materials Managers may still be grasping at the full potential of the Internet, but one thing’s clear: the ramifications are big.

E-Commerce Square Dance Pick Your Partners
Phase Two of the e-commerce saga finds the dot-coms joining forces with GPOs, IDNs and distributors to build markets at supersonic speed.

Service, Not Products, Defines Your Business
A review of "Services That Sell" by Scott Benfield and Jane Baynard

U.S. Medical Distribution Systems: The Little Distributor That Could
Honesty, customer loyalty and moxy go a long way for distributor start-up.

Beverly Enterprises: Not Much Ado About Something
Long-term-care giant mastered online purchasing years ago.

Tools Of The Trade For Selling Safety Needles
OSHA’s safety product evaluation mandate has your accounts confused. It’s up to you to supply the answers.

Distributors Remain The Low-Cost Solution
Even as e-commerce changes the way business is done, distributors reign over low-cost supply.

e-Vent The Value of Distribution:
Who Moves Market Share --The Rep Or The Company?

The Silver Lining In Latex Gloves
Distributors can have a lot more confidence in the gloves they sell today versus the offering available only a few years ago.

Closing the Sale

Midmark Moves Toward A Digital Future

HIDA Executive Conference, Day One
E-Business: More Than Just Web Sites

HIDA Executive Conference, Day Two
E-Commerce: Hurry Up...And Wait?

COSH Healthcare: Gaining Recognition, Respect

The Art Of Asking
Keep the spirit of discovery alive to craft more effective sales presentations.

100 Percent Risk For Cimtek Founder
Cimtek Commerce co-founder Dr. Edward Rollins is no stranger to start-up risks.

Cervical Cancer: Screening Pays Off
Cervical cancer death rates continue to decline, thanks largely to new technology and early detection.

How To Keep Your Career From Getting Caught in the ’Net
Companies view the Internet as a way to get closer to customers while eliminating sales force costs. Anyone in sales should be concerned about the future.

Jump In! The GPO Water’s Fine!
Proactively pursuing GPO agreements may yield better financial fruit than playing possum.

What Business Are You In?
Distributors need to remember what their real product is: service.

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