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May 2000
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May 2000 Issue

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Edition: Vol 8 Number 05

Materials Managers Ask: Where do We Go From Here?
As dot-coms multiply and strike up deals with GPOs, materials managers sweat the prospect of working with Internet-based procurement systems that fail to integrate with their hospital materials systems.

Premier Tries to Take Long View
If suppliers have any fears about dot-coms, it is that they will reduce the buyer/seller relationship to a numbers game

Novation And Neoforma Count On Others To Follow
Novation and Neoforma.com are entering the market with both guns blazing. Maybe even more.

Now, It's Distributors' Turn...
Call it Chapter 2 in the Revenge of the Physical Guys.

AmeriNet, Broadlane Deal Goes Beyond E-Commerce
AmeriNet's recent agreement with Broadlane goes way, way beyond electronic commerce.

Still Crazy (about customers) After All These Years
One thing remains constant for McKessonHBOC's Gary Keeler: Devotion to the business and its customers.

Antiseptic Market Deals With Clinipad's Closure
Who's picking up the slack in the wake of Clinipad's shut down?

Distributors Take E-Commerce Seriously
Distributors are jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon according to a just-released Goldman Sachs Investment Research report.

Brewer Grows With Market
New product offerings and promotional programs are rolled out in the wake of Brewer's acquisition of Healthcare Lighting

Hello 'Net Pricing, Goodbye Rebates
Quidel sidesteps the rebate quagmire.

Practice Managers Connect in Connecticut
A loosely aligned group of practice managers engages in the time-honored tradition of ‘throwing their weight around.’

Sunrise Assisted Living Pulls Together Purchasing Power
Reeling from explosive growth, for Sunrise Assisted Living, a centralized purchasing solution was the order of the day.

E-Commerce: The Truth(s) According To The Dot-Coms
At the recent annual conference of the Biomedical Marketing Association, dot-com executives sounded some universal beliefs about e-commerce.

Seize The Day
Medsite.com's Doug Mack doesn't wait for opportunity to come knocking.

'Net Could Streamline Contract Management
I-many is bringing its contract management show to the Web.

Are Services Becoming Ho-Hum?
According to 'The Experience Economy,' today's market demands more than goods and services. It demands experiences.

Government Prime Vendor Programs No Sure Thing
New efforts seek to improve government acquisition and distribution practices.

Save Big Money:

A simple, straightforward methodology for the decontamination of medical instruments.

The Steam Autoclave:
Getting the Instrument that meets the Needs of the Practice

Older, Wiser PSS Charges Into The Future
Despite underlying uncertainty, Pat Kelly continues to tell his winning story.

PSS Award Winners

Record Turnout For StarLine Meeting
‘Think StarLine First 2000’ focused on how independent distributors can stay in front of a changing market.

Starline Awards Winners
Starline's Annual Meeting closed Tuesday night with an awards banquet.

Jim Stover Honored

Claflin Company's Mission Logistics, Not Supplies

Taking the 'home' out of your home office.

Embion Founder Pioneers A Novel Strategy

A Day In The Life...
Real life stories from sales reps on the frontlines.

Killer Facts About Hepatitis
According to the CDC, hepatitis is responsible for a sizeable number of deaths from liver disease every year. Here's what you need to know.

Capturing The Cyber Customer
Selling has changed. Forever.

What Happened To IDNs?
Healthcare futurist Jeff Goldsmith says it's not too late for IDNs to undo what's been done.

Handling Your 401(k) When You Switch Jobs
Deciding how to handle the nest egg you built with a former employer can be a confusing and possibly time-consuming decision as you start work for a new one.

E-Commerce, Interrupted
Amid the enthusiastic e-commerce cheerleading are disturbing undercurrents.

Consequences of B2B Acceleration in Healthcare