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April 2014
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April 2014 Issue

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Edition: Vol 22 Number 04

Selling amidst healthcare reform: Part 2, Selling through Uncertainty
Your customers need answers, and they’re looking to their sales reps for help.

Publisher’s Letter: Two Games

Healthcare Reform Navigation: Healthcare Exchanges

Healthcare reform: Deal with it, thrive in it
Changes in the healthcare system can bring out the best in us, if we allow them to.

360-degree perspective
IMCO brings in all advisory groups

Coast to Coast
The Almon Co., Hospital Associates team up to expand major project business

HIDA Health Reform Update

Reducing costs, improving performance
For West Coast Purchasing Coalition, larger volume in the marketplace is getting results.

Response to drug shortage: Heads up
Economic and manufacturing factors aside, better communication among all supply chain members can help healthcare providers continue to meet their patients’ Rx needs

Medical School Training Charting New Course
Tomorrow’s doctors will probably be more team-oriented than their predecessors

The New Playing Field
Big employers steer patient volume to high-quality, affordable providers

Making a Difference in Women’s Health
More patients mean the need for smarter healthcare

When Cutting Edge Counts
Sophisticated technology enables OB/GYNs to provide more and better care in the office setting.

National Minority Month
April is the month for working toward closing health disparities among minorities.

Windshield Time

Quick Bytes

Tom Axelsen: A force of nature

The Test of Time
A lot can change in 42 years – but the need for great service hasn’t.



Change and Transition
How to effectively implement a personal, or organizational, transition