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May 2012
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May 2012 Issue

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Edition: Vol 20 Number 05

Smartphone Medicine
Devices and accompanying apps are helping patients and physicians monitor health

Publisher’s Letter: Making History – Again

Practice Points: Getting to Know You
Becoming familiar with your prospects with the limited window of time you have with them

HIDA’s HealthReform Update
The following update by the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) is designed to keep healthcare distributors and other key stakeholders current on the latest government-affairs related topics.

Fast Responders
How you sell is as important as what you sell.

Sales Management: Credibility Counts
Why an organization has to build and maintain a credible culture

Quick Bytes

Windshield time

Fresh Approach
Armed with the right experience and a healthy mindset, one supply chain leader re-engineers one of the country’s largest healthcare organizations.

New Call Point
Nurse practitioners are in the public eye; now a growing number are managing their own practices.

Reaching Out
Employers seek national centers of excellence

Paying the Price
Is the lack of pricing discipline backfiring on suppliers? Government report on pricing confidentiality stirs the pot.

Diabetic Monitoring with Care
Unsafe blood glucose monitoring and injection practices lead to outbreaks of viral hepatitis among long-term-care residents

EOL Tech Talk: Kits and Trays
Although the majority of kits and trays are sold to hospitals, physician practices also depend on them

RepCorner: Beau Pierce, The Thrill of the Ride
Rugged trails, grueling heat and 80-foot jumps are nothing new for one Henry Schein sales rep.


Meals on Wheels
Even sales reps who spend much of their day in the car can make the right food choices, and favorably impact how they feel and perform on the job.

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