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May 2011
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May 2011 Issue

Magazine Cover

Edition: Vol 19 Number 05

Under One Roof
Survey shows materials executives would like one distributor, one price, for hospital and non-hospital sites. But can that really happen?

Under One Roof: Sidebars

Publisher’s Letter: Old Meets New

Practice Points: Plugged In
Rethinking what it means to be a tech-savvy sales rep

HIDA’s Health Reform Update

LinkedIn or Linked Out
How your keyboard can be your best prospecting tool

How to Make Salespeople More Effective
The challenge for salespeople is to be ahead of the curve, not behind it.

Sales management: Putting a Gag Order on Gossip
Why managers must put a stop to in-office gossip for the sake of their departments, and companies


Quick Bytes

Regional Purchasing Coalition Profile
A look at how one regional purchasing coalition works

Med Therapy
As long-term-care administrators and clinicians try to limit the number of medications their residents are on, more turn to preventive supplements.

Non Competes
Reps should do their homework before signing a contract

Repertoire Advertiser Profiles 2011

EOL Tech Talk: The Value of Disposables

Rep Corner: Gary Nance, Still Crazy for sales
After 46 years in the business, one rep is still doing what he wants to do: servicing his customers.

People News: Bill Charnow:
A Competitor You Could Not Help But Love

People News

New Products

Personal Finance: Putting It All Together
Good financial management starts with the complete picture

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