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June 2009
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June 2009 Issue

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Edition: Vol 17 Number 06

Dueling with the Internet
Sales reps need to be on their toes when customers challenge them on price. But a little help from their manufacturers is always appreciated.

Tis the Season

The Right Staff
Can you help practices hire the right kind of employees?

One distributor finds the path to success is simply stated: Equip, service and supply customer

Government Affairs Update
A look at new government funding commitments for health IT

Gold Medal Selling
How the U.S. formula for beating the 1980 Soviet hockey team can help you beat your biggest competitor

Donít Wait


Rapid tests catch on fast
POC in the ER? As point-of-care technology expands, more hospitals adopt rapid testing programs

Buy-in Power
Purchasing coalitions provide a means toward effective cost management

Bariatrics in the Nursing Home
As more obese patients seek healthcare, nursing homes will look to reps for solutions

Next Generation of Rapid Tests
Saliva may be the diagnostic fluid of choice in the not-too-distant future

Not about the money
Yes, thereís a few million dollars coming your customersí way to implement electronic health records. But itís no windfall. Itís an investment Ö in better care.

In for a bumpy ride?
Your physician customers will experience some turbulence come October 2013 as they implement a new ICD coding system

As the medical community continues to address obesity and bariatric care, reps do their part to provide necessary products and counsel

People news

Roping it in
Whether sheís on a sales call or roping in a steer, one rep relies on drive and motivation to perform her best

New Products

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