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February 2009
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February 2009 Issue

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Edition: Vol 17 Number 02

The Doctor Isnít In
Professional organizations have been sounding the alarm about the dwindling number of primary care doctors in America. Now the problem is capturing the attention of a larger audience.

Silver Linings

Think Big
Increasing profitability without squeezing expenses

All or Nothing
A gut feeling, together with a deep understanding of her customers, led one long-term-care distributor down a road to success

Caring for the Troops
How one family practice and its distribution partner gave a little piece of home to soldiers stationed abroad

Waitíll This Year
One Tampa Bay Rays fan recalls the ups and downs of following her team

Healthcare and the new economy

What Language is Your Body Speaking?
Seven body parts that control the sale

Holding Tight
Preventing the price objection

What Can Your Audience Do For You?
Turning a presentation into a two-way street

Business Busters
How to raise havoc and not even know it

Windshield Time

Whatís on Their Minds?
Supply chain execs dish on concerns, hopes for coming year

Point-of-care testing provides your LTC customers with the tools for providing better care to residents with chronic illnesses

Needle Safety and disposal
Helping customers prevent needlesticks continues to be a priority for reps

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